For some seniors, technology can be an intimidating thing. Between TikTok, WiFi, iPhones – there is a lot going on and it can get confusing, even for a young person. However, there are times that technology can actually be very beneficial to older adults and help them lead more independent lives. 

Smart assistants are a game changer, as they don’t require apps or anything extra to operate. Plug it in, connect to WiFi once, and then everything else can be done via voice command. From appointment reminders to wireless phone calls to turning on lights with a single voice command, keep reading to learn how smart assistants such as Alexa and Google Home can be beneficial for seniors in luxury assisted living in Bountiful.

1.) Ask for Appointment Reminders

On any given day, remembering appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, or even to take your medication can be a hassle. There is so much going on and distractions seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times. It is instances like these when a smart device really comes in handy. All you need to do is ask Alexa to set a reminder. It can be daily, weekly, one a month – whenever! So you can stay on top of your calendar and never miss something important.


2.) Operate the Thermostat, Lights, and Other Basics

While doing this does require syncing together several different devices, it can pay off in the long run. A smart assistant can actually enable you to raise or lower the temperature on your thermostat, turn on various lights around the house, or even control basics such as opening and closing the garage door, turning on your home’s alarm system, and so much more. 

According to the CDC, falls are the number one cause of death among older Americans. For those with mobility issues, a smart assistant can make a world of difference. A single voice command to make a room warmer or turn on the lights? It will certainly help to keep them safe.


3.) Call Upon Friends and Family

Don’t fumble through a contact list any longer! Call your friends and family just by yelling out, “Hey Alexa, call my daughter!” Within a moment, the device will be chiming and you’ll soon be talking to your kids, grand kids, best friend – whoever your heart desires. This is perfect if you’re a resident at luxury assisted living in Bountiful and you live apart from your loved ones. 


4.) Play Games

It is hard to stay bored when a smart assistant is around! Did you know that you can play all kinds of fun games with your Alexa or Google Home? Mad Libs, Jeopardy, word puzzles, poker – they are available to play. Challenge your brain and entertain yourself or visitors, no matter what, you’re in for a good time. These can be played any time of the day, so even if our scheduled activities have concluded for the day, you can still have a fun time.

5.) Put on Some Tunes

Music is an outlet that everyone enjoys. Ask just about anyone, ‘what was your favorite song in high school?’ or ‘what song did you play at the first dance at your wedding?’ and they will immediately know the answer. This is because music has a way of connecting people and transcending time. And thanks to smart assistants, you no longer have to rifle through a record collection or old CDs to find the jam you’re after. These devices have access to an expansive music library. Just ask it to play a song or artist, and you’re well on your way to jamming!

A senior man uses his smart assistant to listen to music


6.) Lock Your Doors

While we touched on it briefly, smart assistants can actually make your home safer by allowing you to arm your security system as well as lock doors and windows with a voice command. Many smart devices also have a video feed available so you can install cameras and see who is at your door. This will protect you from answering the door for unwanted visitors or potential scammers or intruders. Plus, these types of devices often scare off porch pirates or salesmen.


7.) Find Your Center

Meditation routines are now just a voice command away. These smart devices make accessing wellness and mindfulness so easy. Guided meditations are a great way to refocus your mind and find your center. Plus, these types of exercises are recommended for those who have issues with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve never tried meditation, now is your chance! Just ask Alexa to give it a go.


8.) Listen to a Book

Unfortunately, sometimes as we age, our eyesight deteriorates. This can make doing something like reading a book a challenge, even if you wear glasses. If literature has always been a pastime of yours, know that it’s not something you have to give up once you transition to luxury assisted living in Bountiful. Thousands of audiobooks are available on your smart device with new ones being added each and every day. From the classics to the newest bestsellers, you don’t have to say goodbye to your love of reading!


9.) Order Food

Cooking can sometimes be a real pain. Brainstorming dinner ideas, remembering to thaw the chicken in advance, plus not to mention doing all of those dishes. If you’re ready to treat yourself, just ask your Alexa to place an order! Many chain places as well as national delivery apps are synced to work with smart assistants. So the next time you are in the mood for an extra large pepperoni pizza or an order of your favorite Chinese dish, give the voice command and then keep an eye out for the delivery guy!

10.) Clean the House 

Last by certainly not least, let your smart assistant device help you get some house cleaning done! While it can’t pick up a mop for you, it can actually command your robot vacuum. Ask it to run or schedule a routine and begin picking up those unwanted dust bunnies. Just do it a favor and make sure the floor is clear of any clutter or major debris before beginning.