10 Easy Ways For Seniors to Incorporate More Fruits and Veggies Into Their Diet

By |January 18, 2022|Senior Health, Senior Living|

Healthy eating as we age can feel difficult. Sometimes, older adults can actually lose their appetite or desire to eat over time, so that makes getting proper nutrition all the more important. Eating properly will help to keep our muscles strong, our bones maintain proper density, and serve as a key element in preventing frailty.  [...]

How Smart Assistants Can Improve Seniors’ Lives

By |January 10, 2022|Senior Living|

For some seniors, technology can be an intimidating thing. Between TikTok, WiFi, iPhones - there is a lot going on and it can get confusing, even for a young person. However, there are times that technology can actually be very beneficial to older adults and help them lead more independent lives.  Smart assistants are a [...]

The Best Healthy Eating Habits to Take On as You Age

By |December 14, 2021|Senior Health, Senior Living|

As we age, proper nutrition becomes all the more important. Our bodies require more vitamins and minerals to keep our organs functioning properly as well as our bodies and minds feeling our absolute best. However, issues such as dehydration, malnutrition, and vitamin deficiencies are quite common in older adults. If you are a resident at [...]

11 Practical and Unique Holiday Gift Ideas to Give Your Senior Loved One

By |December 6, 2021|Senior Living|

The holiday season is now in full swing, and odds are high that you are still on the hunt for great gifts for everyone on your list. While some folks might be easier to shop for than others, if you have a senior loved one you need to grab a gift for, you might be [...]

5 Benefits of Walking for Seniors Residing In Independent Living Facilities

By |November 19, 2021|Senior Health, Senior Living|

Stepping out and walking can be a great form of exercise no matter what age you are. However, if you’re one of the many residents who live in one of the independent living facilities in Bountiful, then you should know exactly what kind of benefits can come with walking on a routine basis. As it [...]

Our Best Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely with Your Senior

By |November 12, 2021|Senior Health|

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that is focused on enjoying good food while being surrounded by your closest family and friends. However, for some families, celebrating with a senior may come with some safety concerns, especially if your elderly loved one has any type of mobility issues or other health concerns. That being said, we [...]

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